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👍 You’re Wrong About The Backlinko + Semrush Acquisition

Hey, Aman here.

After almost 10 years, Brian Dean is stepping back from one of the most informative SEO and content sites in the world. He will be working with Semrush on a part-time basis and helping them continue to run Backlinko. 

But most of us are wrong about what the Backlinko acquisition means. This article is a must-read, written by Ryan McCready.


  • Instantly Doubling Their Traffic Value

  • But when looking at search metrics, they were competing on a TON of the same keywords.

  • Semrush and Backlinko compete, or well now competed, on around 25k keywords. That translates to about 13-14% of all of Semrush’s ranking keywords. 

  • Capturing The Right Users - According to the press release, Semrush wants to “set the standard for digital marketing education globally.” 

  • At the end of the day, Semrush likely saw that it was going to be a lot easier to hit their immediate goals by buying Backlinko. Instead of directly competing with them. 

  • That said, this acquisition is not in the same vein as The Hustle being bought by Hubspot or Business Insider buying Morning Brew. There’s very little overlap between those companies, other than their general audience. 

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