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✔️ Unique Content Works Better than Templated Content

SearchPilot did a study on unique content vs templated content. A customer tested removing their templated content and instead added a block of unique content below the fold of their listing pages.

Removing the templated content and replacing it with unique content resulted in an almost 14% uplift in organic traffic!

It was statistically significant at the 90% level and based on the strength of the hypothesis and size of the uplift, we were comfortable calling this one a winner.

This could have been because we could target more relevant keywords, giving crawlers a better understanding of the page and better match our web pages with users' search queries, or because it improved rankings for more valuable keywords. 

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The boost in traffic we saw for this website was beneficial, but it’s always important to bear in mind that something working for one website might not work for another. The only way to know for sure is by testing what works for you!


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