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[CASE STUDY] ✔️✔️ 0 - 4.3M traffic in less than 2 years - they were able to drive 4.3M/monthly visits (according to Ahrefs/SemRush) in less than two years.

The pet niche is rife with competition. The way these kinds of websites gain traction is by drilling down to the hyper-specific.

Pet Keen focuses on publishing insane amounts of content targeting long-tail keywords. In May 2020 Pet Keen was a 5-page website. The domain has over 25,000 organic pages. That’s roughly over 1,000 new pages of content every month.

Putting out that much content means you’re bound to strike gold. The page “7 Brown Cat Breeds (With Pictures)” gets 21,699 page views per month and ranks #1 for “brown cat.” It holds the top spot with just 5 backlinks.

Pet Keen monetizes with display ads and affiliate links. There’s no way a single site owner could produce all that content. Instead, the owners of Pet Keen likely reinvested their ad and affiliate income heavily into content creation.

An aggressive long-tail content strategy can quickly snowball. In the right niche with enough content opportunities, going from zero to 4.3 million in less than two years seems doable.

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You can see their actual monthly output by exporting the best by links file, removing blog-posts pages and anything other than code 200, and then measuring the volume based on the first seen date. The one month they did 1k posts it was mainly just because they did single pages on all types of animals.

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