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⚡ Link Building Tactics That Aren't "Dead"


When you are in the market for buying links, it's pretty tough to know what actually moves the needle.

And as a one-man/woman show, which is the case with most of us (affiliate or ads-based site owners), we really need to understand the effectiveness of different types of backlinks.

Here is a Twitter thread (click here) by Debbie Chew, where she is specifically talking about these 3 link building methods:

  • Guest posting

  • Unlinked mentions

  • HARO

Link-building is all about effectiveness and results. Once you have tried a few different link types, try to focus on the ones that can drive better results more effectively.

Don't obsess a lot on the prices, because if a $200 link can help you climb from #8 to #3, it is still effective, and rather than buying a $50 link that does nothing you should focus on buying/building that $200 link.




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