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If you want to build authority and increase rankings for your Affiliate or Ads-based site, you should focus on building Topic clusters & Content Hubs.

Learn what are content hubs and topic clusters, how to use and optimize them in your SEO Process, and how to get amazing rankings.

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It's simply common sense - Let's say that you are a fruit seller, but I am in the farmer's market looking to buy apples.

So, when I look at 2 different shops: one guy is selling only apples and different types of them, whereas you have a small quantity of every fruit.

Who do you think I am more gravitated towards?

The guy who is just focused on selling apples looks like an authority figure on "apples".

That's how Google gives a site preference over its competitor: If you build amazing content around a specific topic, you are most likely to be treated as an authority on that topic.



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