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✍️ 10 Factors for Great Content

Hey, Aman here.

“You need great content.”

“Content is king.”

“Content, content, content.”

We know it. Content is important. We also know that just content isn’t enough, it has to be great! But what makes content great?


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Kevin Indig wrote an article on factors affecting great content in 2018, seems like it is still very relevant to this day. And here are the 10 factors listed:

  1. Great content isn’t always text

  2. Great content uses (custom) visuals to explain concepts

  3. Great content uses interactive elements to take the experience beyond reading

  4. Great content is a synthesis of the top 10 results

  5. Great content is built on empathy

  6. Great content is formatted in a simple and efficient way

  7. Great content is written by experts when the topic demands it

  8. Great content has a clear topical focus

  9. Great content is entity-optimized

  10. Great content is as long as necessary and as short as possible

  11. Google’s perception of great content changes over time (lol)

Anyways, do give that article a read here -



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